From the idea to the final device

LDM-SYSTEMS is aimed on developement of communication, network electronics and designing digital, digital-to-analog signal processing systems.

We develop electronic equipment complexly and perform this on specific areas:

  • Requirements specification developement;
  • Architecture and structure developement of the designed device;
  • Developement and computer modeling of analog electronics;
  • Developement and computer modeling of digital electronics;
  • Software development;
  • Complex computer modeling of the designed device;
  • Components selection;
  • Schematic circuit developement;
  • PCB wiring;
  • 3D modeling of body (AutoCAD, SolidWorks);
  • Prototype production;
  • Developement of special test equipement;
  • Preparation for serial production;
  • Serial production;
  • Testing and adjustment of serial devices.

We have experience in developing:

  • Digital signal processing in real time;
  • Control systems of complex technological equipmen;
  • Robotic systems control installations;
  • Interface controllers to connetc specialized peripheral and measuring devices to PC (IR, USB, RS–232, RS–485, Bluetooth, Wi–Fi, Zigbee, GPRS etc.)
  • Software (Visual Studio C++, C++ Builder, Visual Basic);
  • Client-server application developement.

LDM-SYSTEMS possess its own assembly equipment so we can provide our customers with relaible prices, high quality and production time of disigned electronics.

The most significant projects can be found at Portfolio section

Technical support service

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